Prayer and Bulletin Requests

Please pray for the following individuals. Remember God already knows the needs and concerns of these friends

Prayer Requests

Church Growth, our church family

James Allen

Dawn and Harlon Coy

Anne and John Daves

Charlie and Anita Dry

Mary Faye Dunn

Danny Eaton, Pat & Spencer Garner and families

Sonny Hughes


Vicky and Granddaughter Ally

Sarah and Bob Stevenson

Dickie & Ree Waller

Safety and support for the supreme court judges

Ukraine leaders and citizens

Our Nation, all government leaders

President Biden

If you would like to send us a prayer request or request for information to be placed in our church bulletin announcements you can click on the button below.


Announcements will be included in the next church bulletin depending on the date received. The form allows you to designate if you want the prayer request included on the bulletin and/or on the website. Your name will not be used unless you designate that we include your name as well.


Please Note: We reserve the right to edit any requests to ensure the privacy of individuals or to make sure there are no HIPPA violations. We will never include your phone number or email request on our website or in the church bulletin.  Your name will only be include if you designate for it to be included.

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